DevOps 3.0

Where we are now and what we found out on the way


Marcel Wolf


Felix Sperling, @felixsperling


Felix Sperling, @felixsperling

Application Management team

Culture when starting DevOps

DevOps message:

Work together and talk to each other

prejudices hinder cooperation

Best way to overcome prejudices about a group
is to get to know someone of that group

DevOps things we do


the idea

It makes Devs better Devs

It makes Ops better Ops

Changing roles: now the Ops part

Why you want to work as System Developer?

Not enough work?

Do you want to hide from a project?

Now the hardest part, i have to ask the boss

cool just do it!

I don't want to slow down the team

The hardest part


strange question

one example: methods and mindsets

Management 1.0

hard to work together

we are flexible enough to handle that, we are agile!

which kind of process do you need?

can we support you?

generated success - win!

„social complexity shows us that management is primarily about people and their relationship, not about departments and profits“

one example: social complexity

how to work together

needed top down decisions

unfasten rules

tested vs. testdriven

"Individuals and interactions over processes and tools"

Thank you for your attention.